KENZIECARDS is a quirky brand of handmade greeting card based in Vancouver, Canada. These chuckle worthy cards are uniquely styled by cleverly pairing sweet illustrations & playful wording. Our wide range of card collections are sure to make meaningful gifts for all of the punny people in your life.

M a c k e n z i e | Founder & Creative Director
Hello. I'm Mackenzie and I love all things artsy, crafty, punny and pretty. I have been colouring, doodling and scripting since I was young, starting out on devices such as the etch-a-sketch and magna doodle. I love to create; that passion has evolved into a very special thing that I am so proud to share with you today!


S a m a n t h a | Director of Operations

Hi. I'm Samantha, and unlike my sister Mackenzie, I am not the artsy fartsy sort (which actually makes us a pretty good team). I am all about order, processes and getting it done, so if you have questions about any of that, you know who to call.