Welcome To The Pretty, Personal And Punny Place Of kenziecards!

Hi, my name is Mackenzie! Throughout my life, sentimentalism has always been a specialty of mine. Whenever a special occasion was on the horizon, it would bring me great joy to personally craft greeting cards to accompany a gift for my family and friends. There’s nothing like the warm fuzzies that you get while watching a loved one open a gift that you’ve put a lot of thought, care and love into!

As a creative at heart, I am constantly doodling, drawing, or creating something as a means to express myself. When my husband saw the amount of effort I was willing to put into making someone’s special day that much more personal, he urged me to pursue a career in personalized greeting card creations.

Come to think of it, I should have made him a thank you card just for that – because since I started kenziecards, I’ve been able to create a successful career based off of my passion for art and love of all things cute and punny!

What started out as a small business – back when I was creating every card individually and by hand – has now grown exponentially. In 2017 we were even able to make the move to print! Within our proudly woman-owned company, each kenziecard is designed in-house and made using a combination of watercolour and ink.

Most of the cards, and the puns that accompany them, are born from my own personal passions in life such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, anything Disney, and my love for furry, four-legged friends!

If you are looking for personalised, precious, and punny greeting cards to gift to your loved ones, we have plenty for you to browse and purchase at your leisure!

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